Nanoswitch-mediated detection of microRNAs

As part of the 6th Annual RNA Symposium organized by The RNA Institute, we are conducting a microRNA detection workshop based on our technique miRacles: microRNA activated conditional looping of engineered switches — recently accepted for publication in Science Advances.

Registration for the workshop is part of the symposium registration. If you would like to register only for the workshop, contact Ken Halvorsen (khalvorsen [at]

miRacle infographic.jpg

The miRacles workshop

In this workshop, participants will build our programmable DNA nanoswitches designed for specific microRNAs and use them to detect microRNAs from unprocessed total RNA samples. Over the workshop, participants will be given an overview of the principles of DNA nanotechnology approach. Interested scientists can also follow-up with collaborative projects or using our DNA nanoswitch-based microRNA kit in their own laboratories.


A video of the miRacles assay enabling microRNA detection from unprocessed samples in under 1 hour.

Our DNA nanoswitch-based assay miRacles (microRNA activated conditional looping of engineered switches) is an amplification-free, label-free straightforward method used to detect microRNAs from unprocessed totalRNA samples.